How do I win poker online – Can you make a living poker play online?

Many people claim to make full time to play online poker, but to do this, you need to win more than 50% of your hand. So, is it possible? Can people really make a living poker play online?

To find out, we need to compare offline poker to play online poker.

Why? Well, we already know that people do consistent income only use anything other than offline poker, so it stands for reasons that people must also be able to win poker online at the same speed, during the two games not too different.

Do play online poker different from offline poker?

First, in the offline poker game you can read told and see the people on the face when they play. It’s impossible in  bandarqq online poker, you can’t read nervous reaction players or say that they might have, instead you have to rely on the decisions they make.

However, you can still read people with previous games they have made and the betting patterns they have. If you don’t have a poker face, or you have trouble reading people, this can actually be an advantage.

Second, there are almost three times the many hands that deal per hour in the online world of poker. It doesn’t change the game too much wise tactics, except for the speed of the game played. In general, people who generate income with poker with their computers, stands to produce more money than they can in offline games.

Third, in online poker you can use many tools when you play the game that will tell you the opportunities you have to win your hand. These tools cannot be used in offline poker games. Not many offline games that allow you to have the laptop you want when you sit at the table.

Finally, there are online poker tournaments and cash available online which is not possible in the real world. Things like Micro Cash Games (games that use ridiculous little curtains) or large tournaments will be a nightmare to organize in the real world.

Can you make a living poker play?

Of course it is possible for people to play and win enough poker on the internet to call it life – this is true – but it is a different type of person who will succeed in the online world.

Skills that include in-depth knowledge of games, and people’s reading skills are generally not needed in online poker. Instead, different skills are needed to succeed. Compared to offline poker, it takes a different type of personality to make a living poker play online.